Best MMO games for PCs and Laptops

Best MMO games for PCs and Laptops

MMO games are popular all over the world, and the game has branched out to various mediums such as the mobile phones where players can log in the virtual realm anywhere and anytime, unlike the PC. But the experience that MMO gives through PC is on a whole different level. The graphics, the backdrops, the characters and all the elements in the game are much clearer through the PC, so the gaming experience is different. There are also some MMO games for PC, but the ones that are one of the best are-

  1. World of Warcraft: This game is a huge success which never fails in its quality even over the years. New features are being added to the game constantly, making the game even more interesting without losing its edge. It brings in new classes, races, new continents allowing the players to travel back in time. Also, it also has superb quests based on the story, and its graphics are excellent.
  2. Guild War 2: This game brings out a fresh concept among the other MMO games. Guild War 2 has a few regular quests that make the players come together to fight in the rolling events, which makes the players work together while impacting the area where they are in. Guild Wars 2 gives the option for the players to fight in a team death match and also there is the model for the world versus the world where different servers come together to wage war with hundreds of players all at once which is an exciting mode.
  3. Tera: Tera is an intriguing game that offers one of the most responsive and dramatic combat. This skill based MMO game has a diverse content of classes and races which come with a set of their skills and capabilities. One of the things that set Tera apart from the others is its character creation system that all of its classes are compatible universally with all of the races. Also, it has beautiful graphics with a breathtaking backdrop.
  4. Runescape: This game was launched four years ahead of World of Warcraft and still manages to stay on the top because of its originality. Runescape has been recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as an MMO game that has the longest play time per player. What makes Runescape distinctive is because it offers its players the choice to choose their paths towards power and success. The player decides where he/she wants to go and what he/she wants to play.
  5. Rift: Another interesting game is the Rift where players can join in together to eliminate many magical evil beings. It comes with a unique class system. The game allows its players to choose either to specialise in a particular field or to have a go at the multiple roles while creating a class that would best suit the player’s play style; this feature allows players to deviate from the usual standard role but also maintains the whole theme of the base class.


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