Best MMO Games of 2017

Best MMO Games of 2017

MMO games offer its players to have a second life in the virtual world where the player can be in control of the virtual realm or lead the crew in war or battle, create a community. There are ample types of MMO games which players can choose based on what they like. While for come it can be a hard choice trying to decide on which realm to enter. Every year there are some games that are being developed and same with the year 2017. So based on the games that were released in 2017, here is a list of the best MMO games of 2017.

  1. Lost Ark: Developed by Tripod, Lost Ark is an excellent game and what sets it apart is that all of the areas that are within the open world of the game are available from the starting point. But some of the areas can be restricted if some specific quests to complete. The game has a strong element of PvP that comes with numerous areas available for both small and big battles that are within the in-game built. Additional feature is that players can play card games in the taverns
  2. Peria Chronicles: This game is developed by Thingsoft which is an incredible game that will be loved especially by anime and manga fans because of the use of cel-shading technology making the game look amazing. The game brings out a fresh concept and features like a bunch of monster sidekicks that each character has and the voting system which allows the guilds in the game to vote for new players and how the not so good should be punished.
  3. MU Legend: The game is by Webzen which is a sequel to MU Online which takes its players back to thousands of years before the events that took place in the first game. MU Legend is a fusion of both components of MOBA and MMORPG which makes it a distinct game. The game brings in four new classes that are the Blader, Whisperer, Dark Lord, War Mage and all of them have different abilities and skills. Additional features include two types of PvP battle arenas and a separate mode that is for guild battled.
  4. Revelation Online: This is an amazing MMO game which takes place in a unique world of ancient mysteries. Revelation takes its players on a wonderful adventure as they explore the world by using the power of flight which has no limit or boundary. The game features several PVP modes and PVE raids which require team effort and tactical game play. The game has a whole lot of creative contents which makes it distinct.
  5. Twilight Spirit: Another game developed by Netease is Twilight Spirit which is a hacking and slashing game MMORPG game that comes with the feature of multiple customizations of the characters. The game comes with excellent and smooth graphics which makes the gaming experience even better and the main element of the game is PvE.


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