Waiting for the Raid, which will debut on Friday 14 September, we played Basically Destiny 2: I Rinnegati, the biggest expansion of Destiny 2 released on September 4th. The expectations were different given that the path of the second chapter of the Bungie saga had not so far been able to keep the players glued to the screen. So with many fears but at the same time expectations, we approached what could in all respects be the rebirth of Destiny 2 or its definitive tombstone. Without further ado we discover our impressions together.

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<p> <noscript> <img class= Another of the aspects that most interested the community was the sandbox. Some choices made since the launch had made some activities complicated and the search for weapons with the so-called "God Roll" (a weapon dropped with the best and most powerful perks possible) to the bone given the absence of random perks. Well, since August 28, a week before the launch of the expansion, the Destiny 2 sandox has been modified to meet the needs of the players. The random perks have returned and several mechanics such as the weapon slot system have been revised. With the expansion, however, other small changes to the sandbox have been introduced: now weapons and armor have a new system of changes that no longer affects the light level but acts like the perk, or offering a new unique feature all ' object on which the change is applied. Choosing the right change for each situation is therefore essential. Weapon slots, random perks, new system of changes give immense depth that gives players different reasons to deal with and repeat the daily and weekly activities on an ongoing basis. It seems a banality, but it is not: a game like Destiny 2 needs these stimuli to survive over time. To close the circle of news concerning the sandbox, the introduction of the strings and the new super abilities This new category of weapons drastically changes the approach to all activities by increasing not only the variety of choice but also by focusing on the ability to do critical damage and precise shots, even more than with snipers. As for the new super-skills instead, it's about new super but not new elements. Each type of super (arc, solar, empty) will have a new branch that will introduce a new way of approaching the use of these devastating moves. Whether you are hunters, sorcerers or titans you will have fun: every super is designed to offer a new approach in the various activities available increasing the ability to create more diverse and strategically more effective teams.

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<p> <noscript> <img class= The end-game is a fundamental element, and Bungie knows it. The mistakes made so far in the management of this part of the game have not been committed again, and finally we are faced with a set of mysteries, activities and mechanisms worthy of the name end-game. We are not talking about the exotic quests, which, despite being increased and kept glued to the screen for a long time, alone are not enough to support the whole of the final part of such a rich title. The new mode Azzardo and the new zone La Città Sognante are the real end-game focus. The first is a PvEvP hybrid mode in which two teams of four players will face each other in a challenge to defeat as quickly as possible the boss of his area with the opportunity occasionally to invade the opponent's session to disturb your enemies, all the best of the three rounds. We have seen and talked about this method a lot, but its effectiveness can not be measured without trying it. We'll tell you right away: played as an addictive team. Amusing, frenetic, demanding and deep in mechanics and strategies, Azzardo is today one of the best ways introduced by Bungie not only with regard to Destiny 2: The Renegades. The Dreamy City instead is a completely end-game area full of secrets, unlockable only after completing the campaign. No one will explain anything to you in this place: Petra Venj will be the vendor and will also offer you some sizes, but on how to complete activities or solve enigmas nobody will give you directions. The stimuli in this place are unimaginable and the amount of activity also. Not only the Blind Well, a hybrid activity that unites the Protocol of Intensification with the old Court of Oryx, but also activities that require exploration and ingenuity to be found on the map.

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<p> <noscript> <img class= Waiting for the Raid, our impressions on Destiny 2: The Renegades are very positive. Everything seems to be back to the splendor of the past, and the choices made not only enhance the title but meet the needs of the community. A change to the Crucible and the PvP would not have appealed to us and is perhaps the only thing missing from this expansion. The times of matchmaking, but above all the pairings, leave us still a bit 'perplexed, especially because we would like a more balanced system. The Raid that promises to be very interesting, will sanction the final judgment on the expansion, but in any case we feel off balance and say that Destiny is finally back.

► Destiny 2 is an Action-FPS game developed by Bungie Vicarious Visions and published by Activision for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the videogame was released on 06/09/2017 The version for PC was released on 24/10/2017

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