When it comes to football videogames, we talk about FIFA. Electronic Arts with a twenty-year experience, is the leading software house in the sector; certainly, in the last editions the EA title is slowly moving on the online market, however the offline component remains solid and in FIFA 19 with many new additions. Perhaps, this slow drift towards the almost total multiplayer of the last editions gave the idea to Electronic Arts to renew and improve the offline sector.

The whole modality is almost completely similar to what we had already played in FIFA 18 so we suggest you read this before reading our editorial. The only novelty lies in the main online modes, the Division Rivals, weekly games in which based on the results will determine our skill level and in which, obtaining enough points, we could gain promotion in a higher division. Therefore, Electronic Arts decided to abandon the climb of the divisions for an ever greater challenge. On the basis of the results obtained, as mentioned above, we will have the opportunity to qualify for the FUT Champions Weekend League, a competition that will guarantee ever higher prizes and packages.

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<p> <noscript> <img class= Electronic Arts did a job exceptional to improve a product that was already of excellent workmanship. Of course, it must be emphasized that the defenses and the goalkeepers always have the usual problems. Above all the extreme defenders seem to have taken several steps backwards: they are capable of extraordinary parades, more and more often incurring excessive ducks. On more than one occasion we have noticed that tend to go out often poles being surprised even with simple shots: in different circumstances this tendency has allowed the attackers to easily overcome the goalkeepers with trivial and not irresistible head shots to lobs.

Different, however, the result obtained in the remaining areas of the field. Actions become more and more reasoned and the creation of personalized tactics becomes almost indispensable for trying to stem the most solid defenses. Recalling tactics with directional arrows, we can change form and intensity defensive and offensive, as well as the game system choosing between continuous pressing or long possession of the ball. The new ball control system is able to customize even more players: with the Active Touch System every single athlete has a way of controlling the ball different from the other and this is able to further characterize the phases of play. To this is added the new system of contrasts that now seems less scripted, making the recovery of the sphere much more combative, especially between attackers and defenders with great physical strength. The shooting system was also redesigned A little 'as already happens in NBA 2K, at the feet of the players will appear a bar and releasing the key at the right time we can hit the ball to bag it behind the goalkeeper. Obviously, if we fail to make a calibrated shot, we will often find ourselves making mistakes even for easy goals.

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<p> <noscript> <img class= As mentioned in the introduction phase, Electronic Arts added some new interesting mode for kick-off. In addition to simple friendlies, now you can also customize the rules of the game: "shots from outside" in which every goal scored from outside the area is worth double, "Survival" in which each team that scores a goal is expelled a casual player, " Headshots and shots on the fly "in which it is worth only scoring the ball while it is in the air," The first to … "where you have to reach a certain number of goals to win, and" No rules "in which there are no fouls and offside. Definitely a considerable step forward to modernize a modality that in recent editions had become rather niche.

A mention in particular goes to the "Il Viaggio" mode, a fundamental part of some editions to this part. This new conclusive chapter follows the vicissitudes of Alex Hunter in search of a top European club after the experience in the United States of his best friend Danny Williams and his sister Kim Hunter. The stories will intertwine in the usual alternating between workouts, cut film scenes and official games. The Pro Club modes, the Women's World Championship and the Career are closed, as always playable as a player or a coach.

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<p> <noscript> <img class= FIFA 19 excels in its offline component. The gameplay has further improved, despite some shortcomings, and the new modes can give hundreds of hours of play. Online is a different title, certainly fun, but increasingly based on microtransactions. If you are looking for a football videogame to play locally with friends, FIFA 19 is the right choice. If you are looking for an online title, perhaps you would have to turn elsewhere, if it were not that competition now seems light years away. So choose FIFA which, despite its flaws, has a decidedly solid offline component.

► FIFA 19 is a Sport-like game developed and published by Electronic Arts for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the videogame came out on 28/09/2018
If you want buy FIFA 19 know that now it is on offer for only 61.99 € (instead of 69.99 €).


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