Fitness Boxing isn’t quite a Wii Fit spinoff, but it looks fun anyway ⊟ 

I saw Fitness Boxing announced for Switch with its simple packaging and teal menus, and couldn’t help think of it as a continuation of the Wii Fit and Sports series – Nintendo is even publishing it as an exclusive for their console on January 4, just in time for New Year’s resolutioners to pick it up.

Closer inspection of the developer (Imagineer) and the game’s boxing trainers (not the Wii Fit personal trainers I expected) reveal this to be something else, but the promise of a rhythm-based boxing workouts with instrumentals of popular songs still sounds dope, and it definitely has the Wii Fit experience of punching with the Joy-Con controllers in your hands.

“Get off the couch and get moving with fun, boxing-based rhythmic exercises set to the instrumental beats of songs by popular artists, including Lady Gaga, Pitbull and Kesha. You can personalize your workouts by selecting from different fitness goals. Train your way, whether you’re on your own, with a friend, at home, or on the go! Now you can work out anytime, anywhere on the Nintendo Switch system!

Daily training ranges from 10-40 minutes and offers both Normal and Fast mode. The game software estimates your approximate BMI and daily calories burned so you can track your progress. Choose from a diverse group of trainers and customize their look with unlockable trainer outfits. As you progress, you can earn more songs and more challenging training circuits. If you prefer to work out with a buddy, you can use two sets of Joy-Con controllers or share a pair to enjoy working out cooperatively or test your skills by facing off against each other in a virtual ring!”

The game will let you personalize workouts for your fitness goals, with options for short and longer sessions. I’m looking forward to this because my cardio is trash, and I’ll need to work my way up lol. Don’t forget that our Club Tiny Discord has a great and supportive #fitness channel, where I’m sure we’ll be sharing our progress with the game/app once it’s out!


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