Finally we can sleep peacefully: the new main chapter of the series Animal Crossing is in development, and will land exclusively on Nintendo Switch during 2019 . The colorful and tender Nintendo title has made itself desirable, and the fans of the franchise know very well: Animal Crossing New Leaf for Nintendo 3DS was the last major episode of the series, published now six years ago on a console that retiring just does not want to know.

Later chapters, Amiibo Plaza and Happy Home Designer, were reluctantly accepted by the fanbase. Things went much better with Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on mobile devices, and now that many more people know the Animal Crossing series, Nintendo probably decided it was the right time to announce the next appointment with Fuffi and his town hall.

But how will it be Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch ? We have seen practically nothing of the new game, so we can only fantasize about what we would like to find (or not find) within the next major title in the series. Here five things that we think can not really be missing.






The next Animal Crossing will arrive on Nintendo Switch, on a console that is so portable but also fixed. Compared to Nintendo 3DS the new hybrid of the Kyoto House has power to sell, and therefore there are no excuses: Animal Crossing 2019 will be the largest chapter in the series and offer a generous amount of content. Already in its time Animal Crossing New Leaf had integrated the offer of Let's Go To The City (Nintendo Wii) proposing a higher resolution and new areas of play, including the popular island of Tortimer with lots of mini-games.

Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch will first have to have a larger village, extended and full of possibilities for the player, then re-propose also the Island and the Street of Purchases (or Big City, if desired). Besides all this, there are no particular reasons to eliminate the appreciated Area Camper already introduced through posthumous update on Animal Crossing Neaw Leaf, and maybe even a new Animal Crossing Pocket Camp style camp. We would accept the elimination of one of these areas only in exchange for a completely new new zone: why not a mine to extract resources, or a forest to accumulate other useful objects, but separated from the main village and the Town Hall?



More varied


Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch should not only be nice to see (because the first in the series in HD) and vast to explore, but will also have to offer a good variety of situations and possibilities to the player. Let's face it clearly, it is not that Animal Crossing has been so innovative over the years, and the fans have learned to love it also and above all for the routine of actions that it proposes day after day.

But this does not mean that he has to refuse regardless of new game mechanics: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on mobile devices, from this point of view, was the most innovative episode of the entire series. Even just revising (duly enhanced) a minimum crafting system the return of the Essences divided by inhabitants, or buildings to be built and evolved, would be a great start. Certainly Animal Crossing will not pass from being a life simulator based on pampering and animals a pure RPG: the hope is that it proposes something completely new compared to the past.



Renewed Multiplayer Mode


Is Nintendo Switch the console of "when, how, where and with whom?" Or something like that? So at Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch you can not miss a local multiplayer mode by at least 2 participants (or maybe up to 4) in which each present in the room can hold a single Joy Con and go hunting insects or fishing in the company of their family, or their friends. Better yet: insert mini-games like those already seen on Animal Crossing New Leaf. The latter could also be played in multiplayer online mode there are no particular reasons to limit the connectivity to the simple visit of the respective villages. Obviously not a simple repetition of the old minigames is enough: they want new ones, and that they also support the potential of the Joy-Cons.





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