Expected by many fans, the second chapter of HITMAN has as its protagonist the now known agent 47, easily recognizable thanks to its iconic shaved head with a barcode on it . In HITMAN 2 we will continue the narrative thread started with the first chapter, so it will be necessary to play the previous missions to understand the basics of the plot which is why the first chapter is also integrated within the game. purchase on the reference store.

But are there any new features in terms of gameplay compared to the first chapter? Well, let's discover it together!

final training (always present in the first chapter) is entrusted by Soders, which projects us years ago: the target to assassinate is Jasper Knight, a spy on the orders of the KGB guilty of killing the 'ambassador of the United States and that after hiding in Cuba, is located by the top of Langley. Also in this case we will have to give our best and complete the mission in one of the many available ways.

Completed the prologue, the agent 47 begins his career in the ICA killing the various targets assigned by the top of the organization: the plot of HITMAN 2 runs through various objectives aimed at closing the Providence contract, which requires the elimination of the shadow customer. The information collected by the Colorado mission of the first chapter see Alma Reynard the first target to hit and above all from which to gather important information, which motivates us to break into her home on the beach at Hawke's Bay in New Zealand .

Obviously the plot is important but is treated in a simplistic way, without ever being deepened too much, but leaving the player the task of looking in the various scenarios objects , excerpts of conversations and anything else that will trigger specific objectives of the main strand. Each scenario will have different stories, which in addition to deepen the background behind the objectives to kill, will help increase our killer score and therefore our professionalism.

After the first mission, we will have to face the first real contract, or the one set in Miami, an extremely complex location with lots to do, so much so that during our first run it took about an hour to kill the stated targets. In this second chapter there are in fact many objects with which to interact, as well as disguises to be used to be able to evade the guards and then access restricted areas. We were fascinated by the amount of possibilities and above all on the replayability of the various scenarios which offer many methods of approach, ranging from the simple killing of the objective to the most elaborate strategies that also require hours to be correctly applied.

From the point of view of the gameplay we did not find big news: remains the unlimited instinct mode, which allows us to locate targets to kill, the guards, the objects with which to interact and the any NPCs nearby. The only thing that perhaps we hoped to change is artificial intelligence that remains too simple to distract a component that can be slightly modified by increasing the difficulty of playing as a professional to master, so as to have more attentive to the sounds , more killers and more cameras.

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<p> <noscript> <img class= One of the aspects that struck us most about HITMAN 2 is the amount of content present at launch, in fact we will have immediately available six scenarios: Hawke's Bay, Miami, Santa Fortuna, Mumbai, Whittleton Creek and Isle of Sgail . The scenarios alone will guarantee you many hours of play, in fact if you want to complete 100% all the challenges and get the highest level of professionalism in every scenario, you'll have to spend a lot of hours. Fortunately, mission planning helps you to select the starting area, the infiltrated object and the equipment, which will be enhanced as you complete the challenges available.

In addition to the campaign there are also other ways that are worth mentioning, among which stands out Sniper Assassin in which the agent 47 will have to arm himself with a sniper rifle and kill the reported targets and as many guards as possible. The mode is presented as a single contract, where our agent 47 will be placed near a giant luxury villa where you are about to perform a wedding, and without being able to move in any way, the agent 47 will complete the mission within 15 minutes . To complete it, the player will be asked to play cunning, first killing the guards near swimming pools, bushes or overhangs, and then organize the assassination of the three main objectives, which can be killed by simulating accidents or " old fashion ". The Sniper Assassin mode can also be played in co-op with a friend so as to be able to coordinate and compete to receive the highest score, calculated based on the skill in killing.

Last mode present, leaving aside the various contracts and contracts escalation, is the Ghost Mode which is a multiplayer mode that sees two players compete in a scenario (for now only Miami) where they will have to compete to kill the objectives indicated in the shortest possible time . Players will have to compete at the same time, however they will only see a "phantom" version of their rival, so as to keep track of his progress, but they will exist in separate reality, not influenced by his opponent's actions.

technical view, improvements compared to the first chapter there are but are not extreme and during our test on PlayStation 4 Pro we could see how with the frame rate unlocked, in most of the scenes, the game still managed to maintain a fluidity more than acceptable, although hardly fixed at 60 FPS. Despite some slight drops, the fluidity remains more than good, as well as the graphics that although not excellent is very satisfying, especially for the excellent characterization of the scenarios, all very pleasant to explore.

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<p> <noscript> <img class= HITMAN 2 is a title without a shadow of doubt conservative, which goes to take what was good in the first chapter and improves it by adding many new items, clothes and challenges to deal with, for a longevity that on paper can easily arrive at 100 hours of play. If we add to this the Sniper Assassin and Ghost Mode modes, we get a product that at the launch is very rich in content and that will satisfy even the people who for the first time look like this. Technically, the title maintains the same graphic engine, albeit with some general improvements that thanks to the excellent characterization of the scenarios, offers settings that are certainly successful, one above all Miami, which seemed rich, alive and full of things to do. The only notes that we want to do concern the plot that is left slightly in the background, because of the sandbox nature of the title, and an artificial intelligence that does not shine.

► HITMAN 2 is a Shooter-Tactical type game developed by IO Interactive and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the videogame will be released on 13/11/2018 (in 4 days)
If you want to book HITMAN 2 know what time it is on offer for only 62.99 € (instead of 69.99 €).


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