During Chinajoy 2018, the event dedicated to the Chinese videogaming market currently underway in Shanghai, Sony also showed some gameplay for Mega Man 11 the new chapter of the series in development at Capcom.

Published by DualShockers, below we propose two pieces of gameplay about fifteen and ten minutes each, for a total of twenty-five minutes of gameplay taken from the game in question, which show how the developers have tried to maintain a certain balance between the classic style and a more modern representation of the typical action platform of the 8th and 16-bit era. The result, for the moment, does not seem bad, although in this type of operation the fundamental element is still the gameplay.

Mega Man 11 already has a date of launch set for October 2, 2018 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, pending further information we look at these coupons of action taken straight from the presentation to ChinaJoy 2018.








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