On the occasion of a recent Q & A realized by Ars Technica, Reggie Fils-Aime declared not to consider PlayStation and Xbox as direct competitors of Nintendo. According to the American executive, Switch competes more with other forms of entertainment, such as watching a movie or surfing the internet.

The president of the American division then outlined Nintendo's plans to use the intellectual properties that are more famous in other areas of entertainment, with the aim of guaranteeing further growth for the entire business.

The company is in fact trying to exploit its IP even outside the traditional console games, trying to look at the mobile market and other segments of entertainment thanks to partnerships with Illumination and Universal Studios.

The goal is therefore to "offer our properties intellectuals in interesting ways for consumers who may not have experienced them before, with the idea that they will come back, maybe to buy a Mario t-shirt, eat those cerea branded them or buy a Nintendo Switch, just because of the affection they feel for that particular IP, "explains Fils-Aime.

When asked why Nintendo took so long to get into the mobile sector, Fils-Aime replied that the company needed to understand how to translate their titles into unique experiences and not in simple porting. "We needed to work to be effective on those platforms and markets that do not belong to us.This takes time."

There was also space to mention the unfortunate parenthesis of Wii U, which, however, has served to lay the foundations for current success. "Without the Wii U we would not have had Nintendo Switch. It was important for what we learned and, above all, for what we heard from our consumers."



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