Back as usual a new episode of our monthly column dedicated to PlayStation VR . Once again we will retrace all the releases of the last period and the news that await fans in November. Let's find out the list of titles just released and those about to be added to the catalog of the PlayStation Store.



Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams


Developed by Frost Earth Studio, Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams is a particular adventure meditative in which players must travel through a series of imaginary scenarios, exploring different mental states in search of the inner balance. Collecting a series of luminous spheres gives access to a new world of supernatural characteristics. The interactive experience is accompanied by famous musical tracks composed of world-famous artists, among them Ennio Morricone, Nicola Piovani and other authors of international character. Designed to be used exclusively in VR, Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams can be played as you like sitting or standing, ensuring a 360-degree movement and support of controllers PlayStation Move.
Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams is offered at a price of 24.99 euros.






Paper Dolls


Winking Entertainment has already released several experiences for virtual reality, including Do Not Knock Twice and Unearthing Mars. To celebrate the Halloween recurrence, the label has released Paper Dolls, horror game for PlayStation VR influenced by Eastern mythology. Based on the resolution of riddles, the game follows the story of a father in search of his missing daughter. To make the game environment engaging, while reducing the age-old motion sickness problems, a new movement system has been developed. The developers of Litchigame explain that they wanted to create an interactive experience a bit 'deeper than the traditional jumps on the chair that characterize the horror experiences. "We want our players to be really surprised by the experience of gameplay and not by the jump scare.For a horror game, this is our main goal," they said at the launch of the game on PlayStation Store. The elements puzzle represented in the course of the adventure present various links to Chinese culture. Interacting with every portion of the enigmas you can discover details on the history and traditions that inspired the work.
Paper Dolls is available at a price of 16.99 euros.








Made by the Polish studio Gamedust, Neverout can be played in the traditional way but is compatible with PlayStation VR. In the game you have to solve complex environmental enigmas to be able to escape from a mysterious structure. The protagonist wakes up in a room similar to a cube and needs to find a way to escape. In order to succeed, it will be necessary to resolve more than sixty levels of increasing difficulty. The developers have modulated the interactive experience so that each level becomes progressively more difficult to overcome, also due to the presence of traps or other increasingly complex obstacles. To avoid leaving pens, players can use short-range teleportation and small moving cubes, but the ability to alter gravity to unlock certain objects is also provided. Although Neverout is usable even without wearing the viewer, the developers ensure that the VR experience is the best to enjoy the features of this title.
Neverout is proposed for 7.99 euros.






Legends of Catalonia: The Land of Barcelona


As part of a campaign to promote tourism in the area, Catalonia has financed Legends of Catalonia: The Land of Barcelona, ​​ a free application for PlayStation VR available on the store since last November 2 . Users are accompanied in six different scenarios: the Roman amphitheater of Tarragona, the cathedral of Lleida, the mountain of the Montserrat, the market of Barcelona Sant Antoni, the basilica of the Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudí and the seaside town of Cadaqués, where the painter Salvador Dalí lived. During the tour, which lasts an hour, you get six medals that allow you to access the secret diaries of Sant Jordi, the patron saint of Catalonia. Developed in collaboration with Sony, the project required an investment of 1.4 million euros from the Catalan administration.








Also available for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, Transpose is a puzzle game specially made for virtual reality, in which it is possible to travel over time. With three worlds and more than thirty levels to complete, the game offers an increasing degree of challenge in a rather particular context. Being able to manipulate the temporal space continuum, players are able to create multiple versions of themselves, altering the surrounding environment to walk on walls and ceilings, experiment with perspective moves and increasingly multifaceted puzzles. In order to ensure the comfort of the user, Secret Location developers have included different navigation options. It will therefore be possible to interact while standing or sitting, depending on your preferences.
Transpose is available on the Store for € 29.99.








From 6 November the first title developed by From Software for virtual reality is available. If you have read our review of Deracine, you will also know that it is a very distant project, by characteristics, from the other titles on which the Japanese company has worked in recent years. Deracine is set inside a boarding school where three boys and three girls live their lives under the guidance of an elderly director; in the role of a spirit, the player can interact indirectly with each character of the game, through their memories. The movements occur only through the teleportation, which therefore allows to eliminate any problems of motion sickness during use. The collection of information and clues linked to the guests of the college is instrumental to the resolution of some enigmas.
Deracine can be purchased for 29.99 euros.




Tetris Effect


Tetris Effect is a fascinating alternative interpretation of the great classic created by Aleksej Pažitnov. Born from an idea of ​​the famous Japanese designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi, which we all remember for the creation of titles such as Rez and Lumines, the work presents a very captivating style, combining sounds and images as only the Japanese author is able to do. Tetris Effect offers more than thirty levels of play, with classic modes like Marathon, Ultra and Sprint alternating with some absolute novelties. The traditional use is supported by the PlayStation VR.
The release date of Tetris Effect is set for November 9 at a price of 39.99 euros.






After realizing the 2D platformer Typoman, the independent Brainseed Factory team chose to dedicate itself to virtual reality. Thus was born Squishies, colorfully puzzle platform in which we must bring to safety a multitude of small creatures using the controllers PlayStation Move. With over one hundred levels of increasing difficulty, the game also gives access to a wide range of power-ups to use when things get more difficult. Also provided a level editor, through which you can play around with new creations to share with friends and the rest of the community. "Squishies is a magical place, with colorful plants, entertaining creatures and engaging puzzles – you can easily lose track of time," said artistic director Arton Rexhëbogaj. "It's nice to finally see the store page go online, even though our Squishies journey is far from over," added Brainseed Factory founder and producer Bilal Chbib. "It's the kind of game that starts out as a small seed that sprouts, with the help of the community and new content, which we aim to release at regular intervals, it will become like a giant sequoia!"
Squishies will be available from November 20th at a price of 24.99 euros.









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