We return to talk about Rainbow Six Siege and eSport since in a few weeks the spotlight will light up for the first time on the stage of the Six Major in Paris, edition of what in the years to come will probably be the most important competition to follow in the universe of Rainbow Six . It is obviously not just the large turnout of public waiting to have the antennas straighten up but also, and above all, the prize money of three hundred and fifty thousand dollars: a loot that is already throbbing at all and sixteen teams involved . To prepare you for the party that awaits us then we give a fleeting glimpse of the setting of the event and how much you'll have to pay to get a place in the first row to support and cheer your pets.



From 17 to 19 August the dates of the event


Less than ten days before the start of the event. Just a few hours to get tickets and passes to see the biggest tournament of Rainbow Six: Siege live, to breathe the air of the competition, to spend a few hours side by side with the most capable players of the entire competitive landscape and maybe, why not, even manage to chat with someone of them. In all the tournaments we have been to, in fact, it was not impossible to approach the teams and say hello, shake hands with the Pro Player or take some pictures, a habit that is dragged by the most common sports and which has also come to an avalanche in eSports, creating real myths around the most charismatic players. The Six Major of Paris does not appear, however, only as a simple series of contests in sequence during which to cheer for its own colors, but transforms and decides to offer something more to the many fans. The thematic areas of Hall 4 located inside the Paris Expo – Porte de Versailles promise to entertain the many fans who will rush to the spot, obviously showing the new contents of Rainbow Six: Siege but also allowing to participate in competitions drones and many other collateral activities, bringing home gadgets as a memory both virtual and physical. So let's take a look at the price of all this, with two purchase options currently available with a cut of € 60 for the basic package, thanks to which you can enter the fair area for all three days or € 150 for the package diamond, which will allow you instead of having seats next to the Pro Player and a good amount of physical gadgets to keep as a memory. They are therefore from twenty to fifty euros a day, prices that could discourage those who approach the eSports for the first time but that are far more digestible for those who spend already whole afternoons and evenings on Rainbow Six: Siege a disbursement therefore justifiable to spend three days and live their passion to the full together with other avid enthusiasts. In the end, competitions like this are mainly used to gather fans and offer them a show but also to feel part of something much bigger, a small part of a project that does not seem to want to stop its growth.


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Rainbow Six Siege gets bigger and bigger


It is not a coincidence that Ubisoft continues to invest on the contents for Rainbow Six Siege, on new operators, on new maps and on balancing, thus having always fresh and thick material to show during these events . So there are those who connect to watch the games and enjoy a little 'healthy show, those who follow the tournament to see the evolution of their current title and even some curious trying to understand something but everyone comes out of these marathons of fire happy and satisfied. Ubisoft is one of the few houses that seems to have taken this path and the results are constantly rewarding it, a symptom that the shot / development coupled works great and must be carried out without hesitation. Let's not forget, however, that the attention will be then catalyzed by the teams present at the event, ready to bring the flags of their countries high. Also this time we have to unfortunately record the total absence of Italy, not only as a participating team but also as individual players. Sixteen teams will face each other in this tough three days with the winners of the seventh season of the Pro League ready to recover the crown and PENTA sports decided to consume the revenge after the previous defeat. But this Season 8 carries so much Brazil in its womb, with a community that is more alive than ever and in clear expansion, numerically and qualitatively. It is no coincidence that Brazil, after hosting the season 6 finals in Sao Paulo, will return this year with Rio de Janeiro on 17 and 18 November. We are also curious to find out how the Element Mystic, Asian team already seen on Overwatch, and the European Team Secret among whose members militate Ryan "Lacky" Stapley and Matthew "meepeY" Sharples. The road is still long and many events will accompany us in the coming months, continue to follow these pages to not miss anything of the universe of Siege !

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