It's time again to talk about PlayStation VR in the last episode of our usual monthly column. As usual we will retrace all the releases of the last period and the news that await fans in the month of October. So let's find out the list of titles just released or about to be added soon to the PlayStation Store catalog.



The Chantry


The Chantry is an experience for PlayStation VR designed by the Steel Minions studio. The work is part of the REVEAL European research project, a research project funded under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program organized by the European Union. The project also received external support from Sony Interactive Entertainment via the PlayStation First Academic Development Program. The application allows you to explore an authentic Georgian-style house of the eighteenth century, rebuilt in detail and respecting historical details. Exploring the property, belonging to Dr. Jenner, the user is educated on the history of smallpox and how it was eradicated after centuries of large-scale epidemics. After collecting useful clues to unlock new areas of the house you will be educated about the disease and how a cure has been identified. The Chantry can be purchased on the Store at price of 5.49 euros.






Unhearting Mars 2


Unearthing Mars 2: The Ancient War recovers the salient features of the first episode, reporting an adventure FPS sci-fi The new title created by Winking Entertainment offers improved graphics, greater freedom of engagement of enemies and a wider variety in the clashes with the bosses . Support is also provided for the PlayStation Aim Controller. In about four hours of play you can use various types of weapons, from assault rifles to rocket launchers, from plasma weapons to guns to machine guns. On this occasion a new feature called "Focus" was introduced, with which it is possible to slow down the time for short moments. "With Unearthing Mars 2, we had the time to improve the appearance of the game, one of the biggest challenges we faced was the production of an excellent visual level using the first-person shooter mechanics", commented the game director. Unearthing Mars 2: The Ancient War is available on the price store of 19.99 euros.






The Grand Museum VR


After being released on Steam during the summer, The Grand Museum VR also landed on PlayStation VR. The application offers 82 models of truly existing ancient works of art from European, Asian and North African cultures. Users can then view historical pieces from ancient Greece and ancient Rome, Egypt and the Asian territories, but there are also pieces from the post-European era. The tour is available at price of 9.99 euros.






Dark Eclipse


Developed by Sunsoft, Dark Eclipse is the first MOBA specifically designed for PlayStation VR. The game has a rather traditional structure for the genre and encourages players to fight each other without the limits imposed by the traditional two-dimensional view. During the meetings it is required to build towers, collect resources and control three different leaders with unique characteristics, with the ultimate goal of annihilating all enemy outposts. The player is able to go into the post-apocalyptic dark fantasy world of Oldus playing at will with the controllers PlayStation Move or with the DualShock 4. The title can be downloaded for free from the PlayStation Store.






Creed: Ryse to Glory


Creed: Rise to Glory is an experience single-player based on the famous film. In the course of the game we assume the control of Adonis Creed, with the aim to build a career in the complicated world of boxing, to become a world-renowned athlete. Obviously you can train alongside the legendary Rocky Balboa played by Sylvester Stallone and there are some iconic places in the movies. Creed: Rise to Glory allows you to participate in 1-on-1 matches in which you have to try to manage the attack and defense moves carefully so as not to get knocked down. The training sessions alongside your mentor serve to acquire the experience necessary to overcome every obstacle and establish itself as an undisputed champion. In Career mode, the meetings for glory alternate with the tough stages of training to which you have to undergo to be ready to fight for victory once you get in the ring. Unlike other virtual reality boxing titles, Creed: Rise to Glory proposes a new technique called "Phantom Melee Technology", which helps to increase the feeling of realism of the clashes through a stamina indicator and the faithful reproduction of the feelings that they try after being hit or when they end up ko The game can be purchased for 24.99 euros.






Astro Bot Rescue Mission


After the excellent reviews collected by Moss last spring, another platform is ready to enter the hearts of fans of PlayStation VR. We are talking about Astro Bot Rescue Mission, new project of Japan Studio launched in early October. The title resumes and expands the good that was glimpsed in the demo that had been included in The Playroom VR at the debut of the viewer on the market. The story of Astro Bot Rescue Mission unfolds through 26 levels and five locations. Along the way the commander Astro will have to deal with a series of puzzles to solve and various bosses to overcome; the player will be involved in the action interacting in various ways with the surrounding scenario, for example by revealing new paths or other hidden secrets for the map, or by throwing objects towards the enemies through the DualShock 4. In our review of Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Rosario Salatiello wrote: "We conclude the review of ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission by reiterating what was said in the introductory paragraph: the work done by Japan Studio is able to excel from every point of view, resulting then as Moss a real must have for all owners of PlayStation VR.Although those historically less related to the platform genre will find in fact way to have fun with ASTRO, with the only regret not having other hours to spend with him a once completed the game. Astro Bot Rescue Mission is available both in physical and digital versions, at a price of 39.99 euros.




Racket Fury: Table Tennis


Appeared on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in 2017 and later also landed on Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR, Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR is now also available for PlayStation VR. The 10Ants Hill game allows you to participate in four different ping pong competitions facing 16 opponents controlled by the artificial intelligence and equipped with a peculiar style of play. In order to make the experience interactive realistic, the developers have used the motion capture to reproduce fluid animations and credible movements with the collaboration with some real athletes of ping pong. "We can ensure that the game is extremely challenging, engaging and fun! Thanks to advanced physics, developed in collaboration with some professional players, each match will be a truly immersive experience," commented 10 Ants Hill CEO Sebastian Boczek. To support the campaign there is a training mode with which you can do a little 'practice. At the moment there are no multiplayer modes, but the team says they want to deal with it in the near future. Fury Racket: Table Tennis VR is offered at a price of 32.99 euros.






Smash Hit Plunder


After four years of development, the British team Triangulare Pixels has released Smash Hit Plunder, present in the catalog of PlayStation VR from October 5th. The adventure is set in a medieval castle where in the role of a magician you have to explore the game world and fight menacing creatures, collecting treasures within a limited time. In addition to the story mode, there are five other variations, which can be used both in single-player and in the company of other players. By selecting "Treasure Race", "Reaper Hunt" and "Free Run" modes, you can take part in the sessions in the company of a friend. Otherwise you can fall back to the multiplayer mode, where up to a maximum of four users can play the final victory in the "Panic from Poltergeist" and "Challenge of the Gems". Shortly before launch, the creative director Katie Goode said: "As we settled in Cornwall, we felt it was important to support local culture Cornwall is a magical place and was a great inspiration for the game." Smash Hit Plunder is available at a price of 29.99 euros.








Evasion is a promising first person sci-fi shooter for PlayStation VR. Developed by Archiact and available right from today, it offers both a single-player mode and a multiplayer survival. The game sessions include the selection of characters from four distinct classes – Striker, Surgeon, Engineer and Warden – each with unique abilities. Being a FPS, developers have tried to adjust the movement mechanics so that they are as comfortable as possible for the players. In the course of the game it is in fact possible to set a series of customized settings, including teleportation and snap rotation to limit the incidence of motion sickness. Evasion is proposed at the price of 39.99 euros.









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