Top MMO Games for Android smartphones

Top MMO Games for Android smartphones

MMO games are great to play which allows the players to dive into a whole different dimension. What makes the whole game even better is its availability on Android phones and with MMO games on Androids, it makes it possible for the players to enter the virtual dimension anywhere and anytime. There are a whole lot of MMO games available for Androids, and among them, all take place in the top are –

  1. Order and Chaos: This game is similar to the game World of Warcraft, although it may not be as good as it in on the PC, for a mobile game it is still very good. Players can find some features here which include dungeons, quests, auction house, raids, guilds, numerous characters from various classes and races, lots and PvP battles. Order and Chaos also allow the players to team up with friends to take quests and explore the world. It’s multiple contents are what make this game an excellent MMO mobile game.
  2. Arcane Legends: A fun MMO mobile game developed by Spacetime Studios is the Arcane Legend which comprises of multiple quests, dungeons, big bosses, loots, gears and it also has the chat feature that enables the players to interact online with other players in the game. What makes this game distinct are the co-op play and the PvP modes online. It also has three different classes to choose from, and each class has a unique set of skills and characteristics. Arcane Legends takes the player to on an epic adventure throughout taverns, dungeons and majestic forests
  3. Dungeon Hunter 5: This game is one of the latest instalments of the popular game. Dungeon Hunter 5 is a fun and exciting game that has single player campaign PvP mode and also a regular co-op mode. Besides these features, Dungeon Hunter 5 also somehow has an in-depth crafted graphics, and it holds daily or weekly events for its players to take part in which makes the game all the more interesting.
  4. Stellacept Online: The game is set the theme of science fiction or the space world that is filled with battles that are exciting and adventures. It consists of more than 500 quests to accomplish with a list of characters from various classes which the player can level up and upgrade. Besides quests, there are multiple big bosses, a plethora of gears and outfits as well. Also, it also has real time chat where players can converse with other players worldwide.
  5. Adventure Quest 3D: This is one of the most entertaining game which supports a cross platform, allowing the player to play via mobile of PC within the same world, same quest and the same players too. Adventure quest begins with the player as the leading character, one that is good at raiding dungeons and it also has the feature to allow the player to multi class the character, participate in social events that are held online.


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