Yoku's Island Express is the classic game you do not expect. At first it has the air of being a light, colorful title, suitable also for a very young user. After all, we are called to interpret a small and very tender red beetle, on his first day as head of postman on the colorful island of Mokumana. That's all? Not really.

First of all it must be said that the little Yoku scarab and all the other characters that populate this crazy and fun title – published by a real milestone in the world of videogames, Team 17 – are adorable and very nice from the first moment. Presented with clean, detailed and extremely atmospheric graphics, both the characters and the various environments that we will be called to explore immediately communicate a sense of playful good humor, a pleasant sensation that will accompany us throughout the game.

S ostanzialmente, at least on the very first bars, Yoku's Island Express looks like a sort of platfom / metroidvania where, at the command of our fearless protagonist, we will have to push our inseparable ball (what material is not good to know, let's not forget that we interpret a young … dung beetle!) far and wide for the levels, trying to complete simple main tasks and just as simple secondary missions and, as well as time, deliver the respective missives to all the funny inhabitants of the island. Up to here, nothing strange or innovative. Yoku's Island Express looks like a very nice title but nothing more, as we can find many on the market. Shortly after the beginning, however, the real revelation arrives.

Immediately we realize that among the various movements that we can make the little Yoku, always and in any case connected to the movement of his ball, is completely missing an option to jump. In a game that at first glance, it looks like a platformer, the thing leaves not a little perplexed … The mystery is revealed in the blink of an eye, since we will soon discover that Yoku's Island Express is a "platform / metroidvania", but most of its mechanics are based on an old and glorious entertainment system: the Flipper! In fact, to overcome many parts of the levels that we will be called to cross, we will have to face the real matches with pinball, complete with bumpers and multipliers of all kinds where, detail not just, we will be the ball.

Said so can understandably seem a rather strange choice of gameplay, but we can assure you that these mechanics are able to marry perfectly, giving Yoku's Island Express a frantic and fun gameplay, never frustrating and, above all, that pushes the player to go always on to discover new flippereggianti routes.

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<p lang= Often, during our adventure, we will also have to deal with robust backtracking doses, mainly to bring a certain object to a specific character or to reach some previously inaccessible area. During this return on our steps, especially in some steps, we will have to re-face the pinball sections, always fast and adrenaline but that, once stripped of all objects and points obtainable, certainly no longer have the same charm of the first attempts. In the long run, even without becoming frustrating, these backtracking sessions tend to become a little boring.

Alternating phases of the exploration and flipper phases, we will discover slowly the whole island of Mokumana and its most insane inhabitants. As we have already mentioned above, both the environments and these friendly characters that populate them are characterized in a masterly manner. In some places it seems almost to be in front of characters and little creatures coming out of some film by Hayao Miyazaki.

Technically speaking, Yoku's Island Express is a game that performs its task perfectly, with graphics and sound absolutely more than dignified, without slowdowns or bugs whatsoever.

Yoku's Island Express is a simple game, which can be completed in a matter of hours, without too many claims, but which still manages to keep the player glued to the screen until the end. The alternation of the two main types of action, exploration and pinball, are flanked by impeccable, making every game at Yoku's Island Express, a light experience but fully satisfactory. A title recommended also, but definitely not only, for children.

► Yoku's Island Express is an arcade-adventure-indie-platform game published by Team 17 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the videogame was released on 29/05 / 2018



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